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Conference Room Scheduling

Research has shown that the average employee can spend as much as eight hours a week in business meetings. This can quickly become a challenge to organize and plan, and issues with overbooking or not being able to find an available space can harm productivity and workflow. At Interactive Solutions, we set up conference room scheduling systems that you need to get more from your business hours. From the latest conference room scheduling software to the technologies and signage for maximum efficiency, our conference room scheduling solutions are all you need to turn your workplace into a streamlined model of connectivity and collaboration.

Reservation Solutions

It can be very frustrating to plan a meeting only to find that you have no conference room available. Now, you can reserve your room no matter where you are. Interactive Solutions is an authorized dealer of Crestron products, which means we can make it easier than ever to integrate your room scheduling with the most popular calendaring options like Microsoft and Google. Book your meeting room no matter where you are, using a phone app, straight from your work desk, or from any open room.

Platform Independent

Our solutions open architecture means that you can run scheduling applications of your choice from anywhere. The most common applications can be easily integrated into your conference room scheduling system, including:

● Team
● Robin
● Appspace
● NFS Technology

Our conference room scheduling solutions give you the flexibility you need to ensure that your workspace actually works for you, your office, and your team.

Business Growth and Conference Scheduling

The traditional conference room is a thing of the past. They have evolved to become something a lot more flexible, our conference room scheduling technology allows us to turn any area into meeting space that ensures a more effective workflow. Using a combination of software and digital signage solutions, we can design the conference room scheduling solutions you need, so that you can get to work in a space that suits you.

Benefits of Conference Room Scheduling Solutions

Collaboration is essential for modern businesses. This can be increasingly challenging, especially with the rise of remote workers and more flexible office spaces. Inefficient use of meeting space is a major concern for business leaders, and many common issues result from a lack of a high-quality conference room scheduling systems. Having the right conference room scheduling system and a proactive audio video installation strategy means that you get:

  • Fewer double booking conflicts
  • More ways to reserve your meeting space, no matter where you are
  • Maximum control over your available rooms, with a digital conference room scheduler that has strict access control and scaling priority options for specific rooms and spaces
  • \More coordination
  • Maximum room use and time management

In the fast-paced modern business environment, replacing manual systems is becoming more crucial than ever. At Interactive Solutions, we make sure that you get the maximum use of your available space. To find out more about how we can help your productivity match your goals, give us a call today at Call us today at 765-426-7411 or fill out our information request form to find out about the many ways Interactive Solutions can work with you!

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