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Paging Systems

Although it seems counterintuitive, adding sound to a space can actually make the space seem quieter to your employees. The white noise created by the sound masking system actually dampens the sounds of the office, creating a pleasant environment where conversations can take place without the sound reverberating around the space.

Sound masking provides ambient sound, similar to the sound of air from a ventilation system, the sound is specifically engineered to the frequency of human speech, making conversations and other noise less distracting. Sound masking does not cancel sound or eliminate all speech noise in the office, it simply reduces the distance conversations can be heard, which in turn reduces the distraction. In today’s more open office environment sound masking is a critical component of the workspace.

Paging Systems for All Purposes

Intercom paging systems in commercial buildings are typically accessed from the building’s telephone system. Interactive Solutions can design and implement a paging system for your business that integrates with your existing phone system.

Our paging systems offer a variety of features, such as emergency paging, background music, all-call, and door entry/security alerts. The paging system can be accessed from any phone in the building and remotely from mobile devices. Employees can make a voice page simply by dialing a code or pressing a predefined button before making a general announcement.

If your business is required by state or federal regulation to have a paging system in place, Interactive Solutions is your trusted partner with the experience to meet all regulatory requirements. Call us today at 765-426-7411 or fill out our no-obligation contact form to get more information.

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