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Video Walls

Interactive Solutions is the logical choice for your video wall design and installation.  Our technologically advanced solutions combine dynamic imagery and immersive sound to create a lasting impression on your audience.  We offer both temporary and permanent video wall installations. Whatever your need, we can create the perfect configuration to showcase your content.

If Walls Could Speak…Wait, They Can

Video Walls provide a number of advantages to organizations looking to effectively promote their brand or provide information for their audience, including:

  • Clear Image Brightness and Quality
  • Unlimited Size and Resolution Options
  • Easy to Use Content Management Systems
  • Multiple Sources Providing a Variety of Content
  • Clean, Unobtrusive Design
  • Long Display Life
  • Interactivity Options

Dynamic Presentation, Ample Options

Our state-of-the-art displays transform space into creative billboards to delight your audience.  We work with you to understand your unique needs and then we design a wall that fits your creative desire and your budget.  Our systems allow you to stream your content from multiple sources, and they integrate with most content management systems, giving you the ability to dynamically change the video wall content or make updates when you wish.  

Create lasting impressions with your customers and prospects using rich visual content streamed to high definition displays using video walls designed by Interactive Solutions.  Call us today at 765-426-7411 or fill out our contact form to schedule your FREE consultation.

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